Ervin and experimentation

Here’s the Elizabeth Ervin quote I referenced: ‘Being a learner’ is a risky role for teachers. For a lot of students and administrators, modeling learning looks a lot like modeling incompetence” (Huntley-Johnson and Ervin 1999, 118). Original source is well worth reading. I also love that Comp Studies still uses one of her pieces as its “Course Designs” model.

For a modest biographical reflection on Ervin, see here.

Risks and rewards in going public

Elenore Long’s Community Literacy and the Rhetoric of Local Publics (WAC), in addition to providing a framework for formulating and evaluating a public-oriented pedagogy that we might seek to develop, also reviews a wide range of interventions; if you are interested in public pedagogy, this is an essential reader.

This “Course Designs” piece for Comp Studies by Elizabeth Ervin (still used as an exemplar by the journal) does a nice job of addressing both the risks of and need for transparency in public pedagogy. We’ll read another piece by Ervin later in the semester along similar lines, but this one gets into the nitty-gritty of the syllabus in ways that might be helpful in considering Holmes’s suggestions.